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How to Field Judge a Pronghorn

Joseph von Benedikt - September 12, 2018

It can be tough to mentally score a live antelope on the fly. Check out these tips for choosing a worthy trophy.

Dandy Dozen: High-Energy Snacks for Deer Hunters

Lynn Burkhead - September 06, 2018

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Old Trapper

How to Build a Deadly 200-Yard Muzzleloader

Darron McDougal - August 31, 2018

When a monster buck poses broadside two football fields away, will your gun be up to the challenge? Follow these tips for a deadly long-range muzzleloader!

Frontier Culture: The Last of the Leatherstockings

Joseph von Benedikt - August 30, 2018

All outdoorsmen dream of the frontier. A few still live it, including Steve Baxter who has shooting and hunting down to a science.

Old-School Tactics For Modern Hunters

Jeff Johnston - August 27, 2018

Technology is great, but basic woodsmanship will lead to more punched tags. Big bucks must eat to

Tips for Tackling Your Next Spot And Stalk

Tony J. Peterson - August 20, 2018

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Preparing for a First Deer Hunt

PHTV Adventures - July 25, 2018

Mike Schoby gets his nephew, Mitchell ready for his first-ever deer hunt, which includes a tour of

7-Step Food Plot Plan

Jeff Johnston - July 12, 2018

A beginner's guide to sowing a successful food plot If you expect to toss some seeds on the ground

Why You Should Switch to Heavier Broadheads

Jeff Johnston - July 06, 2018

If 125-grain broadheads are superior to their 100-grain counterparts, why aren't they selling at a

Tailgate Handloading

Keith Wood - June 01, 2018

Looking for economical, portable reloading equipment? These hand dies are worth a test (Photo

Deer Meat — How To Butcher Your Own The Easy Way

Justin Karnoff - December 11, 2017

(John Hafner photos) ' Work begins the moment of impact. The shot—no matter how much time

5 Tips for Still-Hunting Your Way to Success

Jeff Johnston - November 22, 2017

Taking a trophy whitetail while slipping through the woods is one of the most rewarding feats of

How to Choose the Best Binoculars for Hunting

PH Online Editors - September 21, 2017

If nothing else, 50 years of big-game hunting has taught me the value of using my eyes. While that

What To Look For In Quality Binoculars

Jeff Johnston - September 21, 2017

When I was a kid I read every piece of hunting advice I could lay eyes on, including articles from

How to Pack Smart for Backpack Hunting

Joseph von Benedikt - September 18, 2017

Backpack hunting wilderness country is the freest, most independent method there is. Nomadic in

6 Features To Look For In A Great Hunting Rifle

Keith Wood - September 11, 2017

I often hear from hunters and shooters who only seem to care about group size when it comes to

Handgun and Rifle Simulations at the Aimpoint Shooting Center

PHTV Adventures - August 07, 2017

Mike Schoby is at the Aimpoint Shooting Center in Texas where he takes his handgun practice to a

Simulating Shooting Running Game & Handgun Hunting

PHTV Adventures - August 07, 2017

Mike Schoby checks out Aimpoint's state-of-the-art new shooting center as he simulates shooting

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